To me painting  means, to think, to communicate, to solve and to discover.

Painting allows me to mediate upon the nature of being a human and the relationship between me as an individual and others. While creating  I came upon the search for authenticity, naturalness, integration and expression of the inner being. To create is to be in conversation with other people and to be in a journey of finding the answers by oneself. It is an effort to describe and mediate the day-to-day experience.

I assume that if my work is well done, if the viewers are willing to interpret and experience the view in front of their eyes, then the most rewarding feeling I will have is when they are able to associate with my work and stretch the meaning of my painting even further and deeper. This mutual communication and discovery are the biggest incentives for me to create.

I do not choose topics for my paintings systematically; they crystallize naturally as my paintings are usually influenced by and reflect the events occurring in my life and in society. As my starting point I always choose natural motives and passion from within to express the topic and feeling.


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